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Here is your chance to hit the Big Leagues!! Ali Cepeda, first learned the game from his father Orlando Cepeda, one of Major League Baseball’s greatest Legends. Ali Cepeda, drafted by the SF Giants in 2000, being blessed with the ability to control the ball and swing the bat powerfully is known as the complete athlete. Cepeda’s private “Field of Dreams” is just one place his brand of baseball instruction for kids. Each spring and summer, he takes the show on the road and conducts baseball camps for kids of all ages. A hit with the adult along with the kids, Cepeda finds his camps/clinics/private instruction growing every year.

We offer private instruction in the areas of hitting, pitching, catching and on a special request outfield & infield work. Our private instructions consist of classroom like discussions in the basic areas of baseball, we also focus on developing more speed & and strength along with the workouts you receive from our professional instructors. Private lessons are available for ages 6-18.